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A study by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)seems to indicate that Singaporeans could be becoming more tolerant of homosexuals.

The study showed that attitudes do remain polarised on the issue, and is predominantly negative, but there was a favourable shift in the five years from 2005.

While the results of the study indicates that this change of attitude is slight, it is nevertheless significant, suggests a shift in values and views about homosexuality.

The research team polled about 950 adult Singaporeans and permanent residents, and the results of the study was published in the Asian Journal of Social Psychology in December 2012.
In the study, it was found that older folk and those with lower levels of education (and indeed income), tended towards more negative attitudes of homosexuality.

Conversely those who felt a lesser need to conform to societal norms, tended to have less negative attitudes on the matter. This was the same for those who had a more "Western" cultural orientation. These groups of people tended to have higher levels of education. The study also indicated that agnostics also tended to have more positive attitudes in the same regard.


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