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One of Singapore’s iconic Cantonese restaurants, Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, finally unveils its transformation after a four-month renovation period. And to much anticipation, the brand name establishment, that has garnered a loyal following over the past 24 years, now boasts a most-welcomed, gorgeous new look.

Inspired by the majesty of a Chinese courtyard, the interior is decked out with high-polished marble, dark-lacquered arches and specially selected tradition Chinese artifacts for a dramatic, yet opulent and contemporary dining experience to pair with their revitalised menu.

The meal kicked off with a tour of the site—extremely functional private dining rooms for both business meetings and intimate celebrations, and the grand, 80-seater Rotunda area.

Over our trio starter of addictive, deep-fried ‘Ling Zhi’ mushrooms, square of shredded taro and mashed pumpkin fried to a crisp, and the ubiquitous cold bean curd and century egg—topped with a brilliant XO sauce for that oomph—we were introduced to the man behind Wah Lok’s dishes.

First joining the award-winning restaurant as Assistant Chef in 1991, Chinese chef Ng Wai Tong has since worked his way at other renowned restaurants—even receiving recognition from then Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Tony Tan, during his appointment at Goodwood Park Hotel—before returning to Wah Lok as Executive Chef in 2009.

Wah Lok’s famed, authentic Cantonese cuisine remains—their ever-popular Dim Sum, served only during lunch, is definitely worthy of mention—with an additional emphasis on premium seafood dishes along with some classic, signature dishes, making for a menu able to keep up with the discerning palate of their clientele.

Traditionally served in the broth itself, Chef Ng presents his Braised shark’s fin wrapped in a delicate egg white casing. Have the velvety smooth chicken-carrot broth on its own, before breaking open the case and mixing the shark’s fin together for a different, yet divine taste. Also deftly executed is the lightly seasoned Steamed sea perch fillet, allowing the fish’s natural sweetness and texture to take the spotlight.

A most curious dish is the Baked stuffed sea whelk. With the flesh cooked with chicken liver and meat, water chestnuts in a dash of cream, coconut milk and curry powder, before stuffed back into its shell and baked, the multi-textured dish—one of Chef Ng’s favourite among the new creations—gives a myriad of flavours in each bite. It wasn’t bad, though I’d prefer a stronger hint of curry powder for that piquancy.

Beautifully fried, the aromatic Stuffed boneless chicken wing is definitely a highlight of the evening. The crisp chicken skin, mellow foie gras and shrimps, deep-fried to a slight crunchy finish, do well to make this glutinous rice dish an instant hit.

The pedestrian Coconut ice cream dessert may not raise any eyebrows, but the silky smooth avocado cream does well to accentuate the fresh coconut flesh, ending off our meal on a fine, not-too-sweet note.

Dismissing their past awards and accolades, Wah Lok proves that it’s still able to wow—or ‘wah’—with a memorable dining experience with their new interior and menu. Set menus range from a $48/person, 6-course Business Set to $788/10-persons, 9-course Gourmet Set.

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