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5 mins with HAGENTROY:

1. We realized you've rebranded to HAGENTROY, any significance behind this?

Hagen is my first name, Troy is my middle. It was given by my mum when I was little. We decided to put them together as HAGENTROY so that my fans will not think Troy is my last name.

2. What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a careeer in music?

Since I was 4 yrs old. (My) mum never encouraged me, she thinks it's foolish and nonsensical. Because I was from a very traditional family, she was hoping for me to be a doctor or a lawyer. For instance, at the dinner table, I would have to greet everyone to eat by their seniority and grand dad has to start before everyone digs in. My grandma and aunties on the other hand were very supportive people and musically inclined. I can remember how I would always enjoy the sound of the organ my Susan Aunt used to play.

3. If you had to describe your music in a sentence, what would you say?

My music is an expression of true emotions, words alone I cannot describe.

4. Tell us the inspiration behind 'Out of Order'

I was in a relationship for about 7 yrs. That to me was neither long nor short but it was suppose to be "forever". Well, at least for me. In retrospect, I could still see everything clearly in my mind and heart, all the good and bad memories. What we have gone through together and how we were like being in a world of our own. We shared so much in common and of course, so much not in common too. To learn to embrace and accept, to adapt and move forward. This love came to a point where no one was actually clear anymore. It's like when you are so deeply in love, you lose yourself. Of course, things happened and I am now single. I wrote this song to remind myself that I once loved too deeply. If I could do it again, I would but maybe with a different person. I would want to be better and give it the same amount if not more than before. I believe that humans tend to close our hearts after a bad encounter and that I do not want that for my life.

5. What has been the biggest challenge for you in your music career?

Being who I am. I am not an easy character. As I said, I was born in a very traditional family and on top of that my mum especially, has never taught me things the easy way. Everything I did, everything I wanted, it is a must (that) I strive for them. I was not born with a silver spoon. As I grew older, there are many times I had to push myself to do better than before. Maybe to some, I am great, but it's not enough for me not because I am not an easily contented person. Because of this, I tend to stress myself and the people around me. That's my biggest challenge: to be able to strike a balance between my expectations and my abilities.

6. What or who has been your strong influence to make you want to continue performing?

Micheal Jackson. I didn't see him when I was little because my mum didn't allow me to watch anything that she disapproves of. Well, I would still hide somewhere at a corner of the shopping centre watching how he does his moonwalk, how he sang his songs about self reflection and how he kept his dreams alive.

7. What is the one favorite song you've written so far and why?

All the songs I have written, be it for other artistes or myself, they are all my babies. But if you really want an answer, it has got to be without a shred of doubt, 'Out of Order'. When I was singing this song in the studio, it didn't seem hard. What do I mean by that? You know, like when you feel so much you just know exactly what to do? That was how I felt. I knew how I wanted every part to sound like.

8. Is there anyone special you would like to thank in your journey in the music industry.

I must say, my supporters and fans. Many of times, as I sit at my favorite corner and reflect, I would really be bold to say, if it wasn't for all those support, I would have been lost in the world of lies and injustice. You guys make me feel stronger because I want to be stronger for you and me.

9. What are your immediate music goals?

(I hope) that more people can really sit down with a clear, clean heart and mind to reflect along with my music. Because my music is not here to entertain alone, there is so much more in the spiritual realm, somewhat like yoga.

10. If you could record a song with any artistes , who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson. He makes me feel that being different is not wrong, you are different because you are special.

Last but not least, here's the music video for "Out of Order"!


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