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Hong Kong's first out gay politician

Ray Chan went by the name ‘Slow Beat’ when he was a radio host

A newly-elected lawmaker has become the first politician to come out in Hong Kong.

Ray Chan Chi-chuen, from the leftist People Power, said in an interview with Oriental Daily that he is gay, and he intends to fight for LGBT rights. He said this a day after he won a seat in the Legislative Council on Sunday (9 Sept).

‘A politician should be judged on his political ideals,’ said Chan, a former radio and TV host. ‘Not whether he likes men or women.’

The 40-year-old vows to convince 69 other lawmakers to support bills outlawing sexual orientation discrimination, for gays in the special administrative region in southern China.

Another lawmaker eventually failed to return to office when he insinuated in his policy platform that gays should be cured, before making another gaffe, suggesting some women stay single for sex.

Chan was among some twenty candidates agreeing to speak to GDotTV, a TV station run by activist group Nu Tong Xue She, about their stance on LGBT issues. He was very supportive and articulate, but did not touch on his own sexuality.

He said that sexual orientation is part of someone’s privacy, and he had no intention to use it as a selling point or to win votes.

‘I believe the election could have lost its focus if I had talked about (my sexuality),’ said Chan. ‘But had you asked me about it, I would have told you for sure.

I don't feel embarrassed but I just wouldn't go tell everyone about it.’

Joseph Cho from Nu Tong Xue She said, ‘To have a gay lawmaker coming out of the closet is definitely a happy thing and I appreciate his courage very much, ... But it is still too soon to tell how supportive his party] is for gay issues.

'I know well the road ahead will be bumpy, but someone has to make the first step,' Chan said.

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Posted by suan Icon
Posted on 21/09/2012, 10:28 AM
In my opinion, he cans till fight for LGBT rights without announcing his sexual preference.
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