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In the latest instalment of MVs by local Intune Music School artiste, Jerome Won rekindles a certain memory in everyone of us.

The video tells the journey of two men going through an emotionally challenging phase in their lives. As they wander through the quiet night as sleepless souls, they seek answers to their lonesome and uncertain existence. In finding each other, they help bring each other hope and perhaps, absolution.

About Jerome Won:

At a young age of 19, Jerome started his journey as a performer. He was later invited to perform at the Music Dreamer Café (爱情海民歌餐厅), and once he started, it became a decade-long journey there as a singer. Throughout these years, Jerome persevered on as a musician and performer, choosing to believe in himself and in his dreams. This solo EP album Nuan Nuan Shou 《暖暖手》 was the product of his many years of perseverance, and was created with the help of his like-minded friends and musicians. Jerome desires to share his ardent love for singing with everyone around him, hoping that the music that drives his life would be able to inspire others to reach for the dreams as well. This EP marks a milestone in Jerome’s musical journey, and is the doorway to many musical possibilities in the future.


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Posted by sgSamurai Icon
Posted on 06/09/2012, 10:31 AM
It's beautiful. I just wish it had English subtitles.
Posted by todd_nextdoor Icon
Posted on 07/09/2012, 10:07 PM
title: escape from missing you
a wild night
only alcohol left go crazy with me
one sip of it can forget this miserable moment
but the rest of the night how can I go through
during the day what happened
I try to treat it as an illusion
cigaret between fingers only half left
but the feeling for you gets stronger and stronger
love is just like the smoke ring
can't stop it from becoming bigger and also can't keep it forever
surrounding me and never have been diminished
even breath becomes passive and perfunctory
(tell me) mist will eventually be broken up by the wind
run away from
this too familiar place let everything back to starting point
I believe memories will let us forget everything
(I translated wrongly many parts, cos I'm from china and quite awful at english,lol.
and for many words only chinese can express the correct feeling.
anyway, its a great lyrics. hope you like it also.)
Posted by Boiboi1989 Icon
Posted on 10/10/2013, 02:45 AM
Awesome song no words to say..... Lol just brings memories back while listening
Hats off to jerome won
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