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In this superficial society, it is only all too common that we fall prey to establishments that seem to promise a great meal experience with its branding. However, with a name that loosely translates into ‘whatever’ or ‘nonsense’, Taratata Bristrot serves up some good, old-fashioned French fare that proves we really shouldn’t judge a restaurant by its name.

Tucked away among a row of shophouses, Taratata Bistrot seems to pop into existence with its charming Parisian restaurant setup—complete with an open shopfront, just like they do it in Paris—contrasting with the once bustling street of Keong Saik Road.

Chefs Bertrand Raguin and Philippe Nouzillat, co-owners of the restaurant and also long-time friends, want to make a statement with their Formule Express—or more affectionately known as the ’25-minute Lunch’—to bust the myth that quick French lunches cannot be both tasty or affordable at the same time.

Priced only at $22++, the 2-course set lunch started off with a Mushroom soup, paired with some easy-listening French songs in the background. As with all good French soups, the cappuccino-looking soup had a clear distinctive taste of mushroom that wasn’t overwhelmed by the cream—something that sadly occurs sometimes—and accompanied by generous bits of mushroom.

As the music moves towards a crescendo, the waitress lays down a huge plate of fries, steak and side of sauce. I usually prefer my meats done medium-rare—or whatever doneness the chef recommends—but at the request of my lunch partner, we shared the Beef hanger steak done rare. Wonderfully executed, with a seared exterior that lent a subtle smokiness to the succulent meat, the onglet was full of flavour and could do both with, or without, the homemade black pepper sauce.

While I am one to politely shy away from fries, like how sea anemones shy away from a stranger’s touch, I soon found myself relentlessly attacking the pile of fries. Amazingly light and crisp, with insides so soft it almost didn’t matter, Taratata‘s fries was no doubt a highlight of the meal.
For those who have more than 25-minutes to spare for lunch, I’d suggest you check out the other dishes from their selection of classic French fare–with the exception of the Crab salad with pomelo & avocado, it’s as French as it gets.

A simple add-on to any meal would be the Cassolette of escargots ($16/half dozen). Cooked and served in a pretty cassole, the hearty, chunky mix of shelled escargots, mushrooms and diced tomatoes presented rustic yet rich flavours. The umami of the mushrooms form the base, while a faint garlic flavour enhances the snails, giving the dish more dimension.

Those who prefer seafood will not be disappointed with the Steamed mussels with white wine sauces. Simple and delicious, the mussels were cooked to the right texture—juicy with just the right chewiness—and paired with a sublime sauce, which really goes well with almost anything. Served with a side of their amazing fries, this is perfect for sharing, or a standalone seafood main.

The Poached red snapper ($18/a la carte lunch, or $30/3-course set lunch) also deserves a mention. Cooked in seafood broth with a lobster base, the resultant sauce is simply so flavoursome and rich with natural seafood sweetness that I had to ask the waitress for more bread, so I could finish up every last bit of it. Even the potatoes, cooked till just soft enough to be squashed using only my tongue, were so steeped in the luscious sauce that I wouldn’t share any when my dining partner asked for a tiny bite.

With great service, and Chefs Bertrand‘s and Philippe‘s passion of offering a slice of authentic French bistrot cuisine to Singapore, their adopted homeland, Taratata Bistrot is no doubt a great place to catch up with friends or colleagues over good, simple dining.

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Taratata Bistrot
35A Keong Siak Road
Singapore 089142

Tel: +65 62214506 | Website

Opening hours:
Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm – 11pm

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