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Choosing a first-date restaurant is never an easy task. Personally, you won’t find me at Thai Express for a first date; but neither will you find me at Les Amis. The combination of factors such as ambience, price and dim lighting should the case be that your date turns out to be a complete eye sore, needs to be just right.

Nosh Restaurant and Bar @ Rochester Park is one of those places that is ideal for kicking off that potential relationship to a good start. Formerly known as Krish, Nosh opened its doors in March earlier this year with a East-meets-West menu. Fans of Krish would be delighted to know that Nosh has kept its signature al fresco dining area furnished with white garden chairs and a nice touch of pink.

For our starters, we had the Purple Gnocchi ($15). Chef Randy Torres breaks away from the traditional flour-based recipe and uses potatoes as the base ingredient for the gnocchi. The result is a beautiful lighter taste on the palate that complements the tasty marsala wine broth the gnocchi was cooked in. The murukku garnishing may appear more awkward than watching your parents make out at the dinner table, but we were too engrossed in the gnocchi to even bother.

We also had a side of Maryland Crab Cakes ($16). If the Europeans had discovered Chili Crabs before us, this would probably be the result. The crab cakes were generous with crab meat and had little room for flour in its filling. Lightly battered on the outside, the dish gets a nice spicy kick when taken together with the red coconut curry dip on the side.

As for the mains, we had a serving of the Sambal Fish ($25). While borderline spicy, the sambal on the snapper had a remarkable resemblance to the BBQ Stingray we find at seafood hawker centers, only with a heftier price tag. That being said, the snapper with sambal was nonetheless delicious, and the complements well with the tamarind-spiced rice. The side of apple cucumber salad does a great job in cooling the spicy levels when the dish gets a tad too overwhelming.

The Beef ($33), sadly to say, was average at best. We had our beef cooked to medium as per the waitress recommendation, but the beef got more medium-rare towards the centre. The dish was a tad sauce heavy, giving little room for the natural flavours of the beef to shine. The gnocchi on the side was definitely not as impressive as the ones we had for the starters.

Desserts at Nosh have been crafted by Janice Wong, one of Singapore’s truly talented pastry chefs that runs 2am: Dessert Bar. The S’mores ($12), a luxury if any campfire could replicate this, was an innovative take on this traditional supper snack. This deconstructed S’mores had all the essential ingredients, but presented in a parfait style. Taste wise was decent, but short of the Janice Wong standards we have come to admire.

Nosh still proves a great location for bringing a first date. The setting of the restaurant is lovely, giving each diner ample private space. As for food, some of the dishes definitely left me a good impression, although I wished the meal could have ended on a higher note than the saxophonist playing at the background.

9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220

Tel: +65 6779 4644 | Website

Opening Hours:
Dinner: Tue – Sun: 6pm – 10.30pm
Brunch: Sat & Sun: 10.30am – 2.30pm

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Posted on 09/07/2014, 05:41 PM
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Posted by ParkerSmith Icon
Posted on 15/07/2014, 06:16 PM
Does this restaurant serve any food? I think that I'll need a magnifying glass to see it.
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Posted by ParkerSmith Icon
Posted on 15/07/2014, 06:16 PM
Does this restaurant serve any food? I think that I'll need a magnifying glass to see it.
Nice food in Singapore
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