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Sam’s Top 10 MUST-HAVE Apps on Android!

First of all, I’m not sure if any of these apps have any minimum system requirements. Most of you should be running Ice Cream Sandwich on your devices or at least Gingerbread (you know it’s time to switch if you’re not on either!). Feel free to drop me a comment/personal message and I’ll gladly tell you why you should get a HTC One X instead of a Samsung Galaxy S3. My experience with Samsung has been exasperating and time-consuming but that story is for another day. Note: replies will be intermittent because I’m working on my term essay which is due in July!

Got an Android and not sure where to start?


1. Smart Rotator

Wish your phone knew when you wanted the screen to pan to landscape and when to stay in portrait (reading while lying down in bed?) With Smart Rotator, you can choose which apps are restricted to landscape, what *ahem* stays up (no, not those two apps) and the rest, flexible.

2. Solid Explorer (beta)

We’re talking about a really solid file explorer and manager here. Wondering how to share a music file on your phone with another friend? On Android, all you need is a file explorer (fat hope if you’re on the iPhone). With dual-directory view on Solid Explorer, you can even drag and drop files or entire folders across different directories.

3. Pocket (Previously Read it later)

There’s an age-old debate over Pocket or Instapaper or whatever it’s called on iOS but I prefer Pocket because with an extension on Chrome or an add-on on Firefox, you can save anything on the web into Pocket for later viewing. I’ve been using this to clip my web research. Add tags and I can filter away everything but my research.

This is what it looks like on my Mac (I filtered out everything but clippings relevant to my essay).

And everything else on my HTC One X!

Nifty and definitely a must-have for students or for saving interesting articles if you’re a leisure reader. Never will you have to crack your brain for another title to Google to share a page!

4. Air Droid

Wanna upload some files onto your Android but your micro-USB is cable is nowhere to be found? Or is your phone charging and you’re completely anal about your charge-discharge cycles? 3 simple steps to get you connected to your Android:

1. Go to
2. Fire up AirDroid on your Android,
3. Scan the QR code (Impossible for you to have an Android phone without a camera because if you do, I’d like to borrow it for reservist!)



Manage your files even if your phone is charging downstairs. All you need is a WiFi network, AirDroid on your phone and a browser on your computer (I’m sure yours comes with one, right?). You’ll even know when to run down to pick up your phone since notifications are pushed to your browser real-time.

5. Double Twist

If, like me, iTunes has been your faithful gateway to MP3 heaven since the days of the iPod and you’re shrieking at how your Android no longer syncs with iTunes, fret not. Download Double Twist on both your Android and computer and you’ll be able to sync your music – “entire music library” or “selected playlists”. Once you get past how Double Twist looks strikingly like iTunes, you’ll grow to love it. I’m not surprised by the resemblance since it’s meant for people like us who can’t detach ourselves from Apple completely.

6. Line Camera

Avid camwhore or pervy voyeur, Naver’s Line Camera is the answer to filters and effects. Instagram is at the peak with its social media integration but filter-wise, it’s sorely lacking. I use Line Camera to do all kinds of shit to my photos and share them on Instagram. There’s a convenient “Send photo to another app” button made to facilitate sharing on other apps! You must be thinking, “OH REALLY? ANOTHER CAMERA APP?”

Yes, really.

7. Plug-in Launcher

Wish listening to music is as easy as plugging in your head/ear-phones? Plug-in Launcher makes it easier. Insert jack, VOILA! Your phone’s volume will switch to a preset so as to prevent giving yourself an unnecessary shock.

8. Flipboard

My default reader for RSS/news/tech/other stuff is Pulse but since it’s arguable that Pulse is just another RSS reader (I’d beg to differ – I love Pulse!) and Flipboard has just reached Android’s shores last night, I’d point you guys to “get it”. Flipboard shouldn’t be too foreign to any iOS users out there. Have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and everything you love reading all glossed out in one app, magazine-style.

9. Battery Indicator

A very simple, light-weight tool you must have on your Android phone. Displays the percentage of your battery, usage and temperature of your phone.

Battery stats in your drag-down notifications drawer and…

And which app to blame for hyper-drained batteries.

**Edit: The previous recommendation in the tenth spot is damn lame, I know. I’ve decided to one more because I promised 10 apps in the first place.


It’s no doubt Pulse is the most frequently used app on my One X. Why is it at the bottom of the list then, you might ask. It’s because you should live and breathe this app even before you dived into Android! (It’s on iOS and Android; not sure about my WP and BlackBerry friends out there.) It can import RSS feeds from your Google reader while suggests subscriptions based on the feeds that you follow. No websites you follow on a regular basis? As long as you have an interest (I assume everyone does), Pulse can help you.

Everything populated into neat little squares for easy viewing.

Readability is superior on this app. The text is crisp, clear, and properly aligned. The best part? NO ADS! Sharing is as easy as clicking on the share button. In my opinion, this trumps Flipboard.

Don’t forget to follow The Drama Diaries! This amazing young woman, who goes by the name of Faz, is a looker, too!



The top of my list is the HTC One X but if your contract is yet to be due, hold out for the HTC One XL (4G/LTE version)!

I hope you guys find this post and the apps useful! Please share your Android Top 10s with me as well! I’d like to know what drives your Android under the hood.

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Posted by ex_starlight84 Icon
Posted on 29/06/2012, 10:04 PM
Good One Sam! Thanks. ;) By the way, your airdroid weblink has a spelling error. Hope you remembered me! We knew each other quite a long time ago with James! :)

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Posted by josh93 Icon
Posted on 30/06/2012, 12:59 AM
HTC one x the best!!!
Posted by dwbag Icon
Posted on 30/06/2012, 09:02 AM
Thanks for sharing. Some truly useful apps you got there. Cheers!
Posted by rius Icon
Posted on 30/06/2012, 09:04 AM
What tablet are you using there? The picture with the Airdroid looks cool.
Posted by silverlite Icon
Posted on 02/07/2012, 10:13 PM
Great article there, especially for those new to android like me. Thanks for the recommendations!
Posted by Posh Icon
Posted on 04/07/2012, 07:53 AM
Who is that cute adorable nerdy specky guy?
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