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My-Scott Sound & Light Wireless Luminor System

12 June 2012, Singapore – Now you can have music and light from one device.  This new invention lets you use Bluetooth technology to control your lights and music.  Think of it as piped music in your home or office.

The My-Scott Sound and Light Luminor System (docking station) lets you plug in your iPhone or iPod or read MP3 and WMA music with the built-in USB and SD card slots. The docking station provides a composite video output for viewing video on TV and an aux-in jack for older iPod models and other MP3 players.  It also comes with a remote control which lets you turn on a special set of light bulbs that has built in speakers called the My-Scott Lamp Speakers.   The 2-in-1 system provides audio playback and lighting for up to 8 groups of wireless speakers and subwoofers.

The lamp speaker (E27 light bulb) comes with a 85 white energy-saving light with an output power of 20 watts rated for more than 15 years and a 2.25 inch full range speaker which can fill a small room.   This lamp speaker weighs around 390 grammes which can be dimmed with the small remote control unit.

This video gives you a good explanation of what this product is all about.

The My-Scott Sound and Light Luminor System is available at S$349 while the separately sold My-Scott lamp speaker is retailed at S$169.  The product is available at Sprint Cass, Epicentre, Digital Lifestyle, iStudio, Epilife, Home Fix, South Asia, Multimedia Integrated, Juzz1 Parkway and Gadgetworld.

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