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Last week, it was revealed that a major character of DC Comics would come out as gay, lesbian or bisexual. According to sources close to the company, there has been speculation that the Green Lantern, Alan Scott, might be that character.

This information came apparently from a website called Bleeding Cool. Sources close to the matter say Alan Scott will come out in next month’s issue of Green Lantern.

In the Kapow! Ceonvention in London last week, Dan DiDio revealed that one major character will soon come out as gay, lesbian or bisexual. The co-publisher added that it will not mean changing the sexual orientation of a character previously known to be straight.

In 1940, Alan Scott was introduced as a character but after World War II, his popularity slipped and the new Green Lantern became known as the alter-ego of Hal Jordan. This role was taken up by Ryan Reynolds subsequently. Other depictions of the Green Lantern included John Steward, Kyle Rayner and Sinestro.

In terms of LGBT associations, the character has taken up gay rights twice. In year 2001, Issue #137 saw a storyline which an assistant of Kyle Rayner came out as gay and won its writer Judd Winick a GLAAD Media Award. In just a span of few months, in “Hate Crime”, Terry was involved in a vicious homophopic attack. Last week, Marvel Comics revealed that Northstar of Alpha Flight and Astonishing X-men will be proposing to his long-time partner Kyle and will wed in the upcoming issue.

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