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In 1992, Marvel Comics rocked our world by revealing that Northstar, a Canadian superhero associated with Alpha Flight and the X-Men, was gay. Now, after twenty yearsthe character is back in the news as he is set to wed his longtime partner Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #51, in stores on June 20th.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said, "When gay marriage became legal in New York State, it raised obvious questions since most of our heroes reside in New York State. Northstar is the first openly gay character in comics and he's been in a longterm relationship with his partner Kyle so the big question was – how would this change his relationship?" He added, “Our comics are always best when they respond to and reflect developments in the real world. We've been doing that for decades, and this is just the latest expression of that."

Northstar is an X-Man and as a mutant, he belongs to one of the minority groups which is much feared in the Marvel Universe. According to Astonishing X-Men’s writer Marjorie Liu, he saw Northstar's relationship with Kyle as a way to write an inspiring story about characters who feel like outsiders even among outsiders. "Here are two people, trying to live their lives – mutant and gay, black and gay – empowered in their own ways, but also fringe-dwellers….and they're making it happen. They're living life on their own terms. It doesn't matter that it's a superhero comic, the message is: You can do the same thing."

Alonso revealed that the story does not end with the marriage but rather, it starts with the marriage as the couple will also have to confront homophobia from Northstar's teammates. He said, “…let me make it clear – this story begins with a marriage, but it ain't over with the marriage. We'd be doing the story a disservice not to reflect the controversy around it. While a lot of Marvel Universe characters will be attending Northstar's wedding, not everyone is going to accept the invitation and not everyone is going to accept the validity of Northstar's vows. At least one of Northstar's team members is going to turn down the invitation, and that's going to make for an interesting dynamic."

You can click through to check out a preview of Astonishing X-Men Number 50, in which Northstar proposes to Kyle, here. The issue, illustrated by Mike Perkins, will be in stores tomorrow. Read more here.

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Posted by nickolae Icon
Posted on 23/05/2012, 02:50 PM
this will be interesting :)
Posted by Alphaeus Icon
Posted on 23/05/2012, 04:52 PM
Wonder if it'll be a collector's item
Posted by odd78 Icon
Posted on 24/05/2012, 01:31 AM
Awww an interracial gay superhero couple. Love it!
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