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28th June 2014, Singapore — 26,000 people gathered at Hong Lim Park for the 6th time since 2009 to support the freedom to love. The turnout broke last year’s record of 21,000 in the face of opposition voices this year.

As usual, Hong Lim Park was filled with participants in pink on picnic mats while enjoying the concert. In addition, there were speeches in support of the freedom to love by various personalities including “sticker lady” Samantha Lo and Mr Benjamin Lee, better known as Mr Miyagi. Mr Miyagi spoke passionately about how he was the “fortunate few to have friends who were gay”. He added that his National Service mates were subjected to verbal abuse but still turned out to be “best” at their jobs. His entire speech can be read here.

Trevvy spoke to Mr Ignatius Christopher Chua who brought along his wife and twelve-year old son. He said, “the issue shouldn't be about politics n nor religion; it is about inclusiveness... everybody wants to be included. There is enough space in Singapore for everyone to co-exist.” Well said, Mr Chua, we believe there's enough space on the P L A N E T for everyone to co-exist.

The signature Pink Dot this year was formed with a white heart shining through a lovely sea of pink.


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Posted by jefang Icon
Posted on 30/06/2014, 03:16 PM
Who say we are not straight? We stand up straight and not bent our back to obstacle, we walk straight and did not go the wrong way to snatch and rob.
Someone who is not straight are those who cannot think straight; those who harbour evil thoughts and prejudice; those who are selfish and appropriate to oneself.
Our heart is as pure as WHITE and the blood that flow is in bright RED. They co-exist and form a great sweet PINK.
Human beings should co-exist as one, love each other and never held any evil thoughts to harm one another.
PEACE & LOVE, that’s what I hope, can be achieved from the Pink Dot event.
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