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29 May 2014, Singapore — Just thinking about going home to visit the family in the Rocky Land of Moose gives me a headache. For one thing, it takes about 23 hours to get there. But with Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner, I thought I'd might as well attend WorldPride2014 in Toronto whilst there.

Where there be Pride parades, there be boys in skimpy clothes; or lack thereof, but who's complaining?

Another thing that gives me a headache is the question of what to wear. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it's got men and boys of all sizes and colours. .

Enter Undercovermen and their range of enhancement apparel. "Unleash the power within," it read when I visited the web-store. After that it was just an orgasmic feast of men in sexy underwear — underwear that makes your bulge BULGE. What impressed was the lengths they've gone to to engage visitors to the store.Not only do they educate with a section on how their enhancement underwear works, they also took the pains to package their underwear on Asians. You know how it is... you see a sexy, skimpy little thing that looks awesome on a Caucasian model in a catalogue, click buy and after eagerly waiting for its delivery you try it on to find out it looks like a pair of granny panties on you. Ugh.

Beyond the obvious show-off factors of wearing sexy, bulge-enhancing, underwear at the next circuit party and teasing your partner on that wild weekend getaway, there's the self confidence factor. Yup, you read that right. They say one of the best ways to build self confidence is to wear sexy underwear under your usual boring stuff. It might sound a tad strange at first, but believe me, it works.

With a broad range of thongs, jocks, bikinis, briefs, boxers, trunks and swimwear from brands like Andrew Christian and Joe Snyder, it was pretty darn hard not to click ADD. Besides, one or two things were just downright kinky. Hellya! Wearing a ring underneath? *pssht!* Been there, done that. But wearing a ring built into my underwear? That idea alone gives me the spidey-tingely all over! Mm-hmm! Bring it!

The checkout process was a breeze and now I'm all ready for WorldPride2014. *Woot!* Now I just need to come up with an explanation to the other half because I promised I wouldn't buy any more. also comes in mobile friendly flavours, which Boner might like, be careful where you stick it! Trevvy members get 20% off with discount code: TREV008. Limited to first 100.

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