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Singapore — You know what? Enough with the bloody Philippines Independence Day nonsense already. We should TOTALLY prevent them from having a party just to frigging celebrate their IDENTITY, right? Who knows what they'll get up to? We will certainly not allow them to set a precedence. Indeed we will not!

They've stolen our jobs, taken our money, and eaten our food. They've taken our men, our women and freaking hell, the bastards have the audacity to bear Singaporean children. All the abuse they receive, they freaking deserve it, right? And hey, while we're at it let's call down gods'1 wrath on Veerasamy Road. With any luck, the resulting fireballs from the heaven will pulverise everything within in a kilometre's radius. Kill 'Em All, ey?

Yeah! Boo! Hiss! Heckle. Heckle.

In fact, who the cares about IDENTITY anyway? Uh-huh! Damn straight! Nobody really gives a rat's ass.


Oh HEYYYY! Let's just freaking shut Pink Dot down! That'll show them ALL that we mean business. Because — seriously — NOBODY really gives a shit about our IDENTITIES right?

Like Seriously?
Whoa. Waitaminnit, waitaminnit!
What the hell are you talking about mister?! 

[image: Pinoy Justin Agustin at Philippines Pride Day]


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