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So our little fabulous getaway started like this; I chanced upon this rather well-hidden gem called Klapsons The Boutique Hotel when I saw their outrageous Facebook staycation giveaway on my Facebook. Aloysius, my partner, had a terrible week. So me being me, decided to spring him a pleasant surprise, by bringing him on a little escape — a romantic and quiet place where we could relax, and he take his mind off things.

We decided to leave our Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang at home because the Klapsons is just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. And so we arrived at what would be called our home for the next two days, at around 2pm, and on entering the hotel's lobby, we were at once amazed by the conspicuous and futuristic design of the lobby. I felt as though I was reporting for duty up a space craft as we checked in — "Lieutenant PJ, reporting for duty, Sir". Needless to say, Ally loved the place and was grinning from ear to ear, as he hummed the tune from Voyager, to play with the acoustics of the architecture.

klapsons Lobby

Front Desk

We were booked for the Klapsons Suite, and it was absolutely perfect for us. The room was tastefully done; it had an open-shower, (where things got a little naughty later on, but that's another story for another time,) AND an outdoor jacuzzi that was able to fir both of us. To top things off, (ahem. top, geddit, geddit? Pun intended), there was this cutesy little tray at the side of our bed that had words, “Love Drugs.” In it were a pair of frostily chilled, vodka-infused oyster-shooters, and two “potions” — one contained honey, and the other chocolate. The “potions” also came with a brush which I reckoned was perhaps for erm… brushing each other? Meh! I shall leave your imagination to its own devices. Suffice to say, things got a little sticky!

klapson Suite


Love Drugs

Indoor Jacuzzi

Good old Tanjong Pagar, as we know it, has no lack of good places for good food. I am pleasantly surprised however to find the quiet bistro of the hotel serving rather excellent food! At “The Sleeping Rhino”. I stuffed my face with their signature ‘Harissa Beef,’ while Ally had the ‘Roasted Chicken Salad.’ Both were delicious, and I must add, the portions were generous to say the least. The chef was extremely friendly and came out to chat with the customers. Perhaps we had that "after-glow" that the Chef noticed as he seemed to be rather happy talking to us. We were later served a ‘Warm Brownie,’ compliments of the Chef, to complete our gourmet adventure.

Harissa Beef

Roasted Chicken Salad

Warm Brownie

After dinner, we had time to kill so we decided to check out kKlapsons’ rooftop bar called “Fabrika” on the 17th floor. There, we sipped my favourite bubbly — Perrier Jouet — and just talked. It seemed like forever since we last did just that, sometimes our lives move so fast, we forget why we fell in love in the first place. How apt it was that the live band at the cosy corner of the bar, were crooning some of our favourite tunes too. It was almost surreal, how we found a little place, just for us, amidst Singapore’s towering skyscrapers, and her famed seaport as backdrop. Just the two of us, sipping champagne, relishing in each other’s company.

Fabrika’s Wall

Our Cosy Corner


Verdict: All in all, I give Klapsons 5 stars! The staff were attentive and friendly, yet never overbearing.We had a lot of privacy, and service was always at hand when we needed it. The food was great, and the bar &mdash awesome. Our room was lovely, and the honey & chocolate thingy was, well... certainly an experience!

Check out their website or Facebook or simply just call them at 6521 9000 to book a memorable experience.


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