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Viddsee is an online social watching platform for Southeast Asian short films. The targeted platform streamlines the process of discovering, watching and sharing regional stories for a global online audience.

The Singapore startup is co-founded by filmmaker-engineers Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan. The duo is passionate about the marriage between art and technology and aims to grow the community of short film audience by enabling a wide and accessible market reach for short films.

There has been a rising trend of watching short films among the online community, fueled by indie filmmakers who are building their audience and distributing their films through online video platforms and social networks. The founders believe that short films are the new movies of the social web age. Closely integrated with Facebook, Viddsee leverages on Facebook as a distribution channel to create a seamless experience for users to discover short films. With a mix of curation and social discovery of content, Viddsee helps to surface relevant local content to users.

“We built Viddsee to create an accessible way for audience to watch the best local short films on their desktop or mobile devices,” said Jia Jian, co-founder of Viddsee. “While content is readily available over the Internet today, it’s still hard to find culturally contextual content from Singapore and around Southeast Asia. We hope to showcase a variety of unique stories shot by Southeast Asian filmmakers, and to empower the audience to discover new content from their very own countries."

Click here to watch Swing by Leon Cheo and other South East Asian productions on Viddsee! for free!


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