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Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces 九大簋

 If there is something I will miss when I get older, it will be all the scrumptious dishes that are lost with the changing times, and closing of restaurants. While Feng Shui Inn‘s new Chef de Cuisine Yip Cheung Shui hasn’t quite yet perfected the technicalities of a time machine, he celebrates his entrance at the restaurant with a menu depicting his culinary journey from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, and ending with some Singapore-inspired dishes.

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces - Braised Abalong and Foie Gras with Honey Sauce

Contrary to belief, Feng Shui Inn—situated within Crockfords Tower, also home to the Casino—isn’t only for the high rollers; the understated elegant restaurant serves up some fine Cantonese cuisine, four private rooms each equipped with TVs, to cater to families and business dining.

Diners may only just have missed Chef Yip’s Guangzhou Delicacies menu (4 – 24 March 2013)—featuring a succulent dish of hand-shredded, traditional Baked salted ‘Kampong’ chicken—but his upcoming elaborate Hong Kong Masterpieces 九大簋 feast (25 March – 14 April 2013) is definitely something worthy of mention.

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces - Poached Kurobuta Belly in Lobster Bisque

I highly recommend opting for the 9-course set menu ($198 per person, min. 2 persons), as just the deftly executed Braised abalone & foie gras in honey sauce ($168 per serving a la carte)—brilliantly paired with the sweet-tart green apples—or Poached Kurobuta pork belly served in a smooth, rich lobster bisque ($98 per serving a la carte) is enough to cause your wallet go into shock.

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces - Braise Pig Stomach with Assorted Fish Maw

Other highlights include the delightfully crisp Fried top grade sea cucumber ($68 per person a la carte) that has been stuffed with shrimp roe, and the tender, savoury Braised pig stomach with assorted fish maw ($68 per person a la carte)—both delicious and chockfull with collagen.

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces - Crispy Top Grade Japanese Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Shrimp Roe

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Hong Kong Masterpieces - Chilled 9 Treasure Sweet Soup

The feast ends off with a chilled 9 Treasures sweet soup ($8.80 per person a la carte), a perfect bowl of sweetness especially for an afternoon in our Singapore climate, though the exquisite Steamed minced chicken & egg white topped with imperial bird’s nest ($48 per person a la carte) makes for a good alternative.

Feng Shui Inn Resorts World Sentosa - Singapore Inspired Healthy Creations - Honey Glazed Crocodile Belly

To commemorate the start of his new journey in Singapore, Chef Yip has next lined up a nourishing Singapore-inspired Healthy Creations (15 April – 5 May 2013), with a 5-course set menu at $118 per person (min 2 persons).

Look forward to items such as the excellently seasoned Sauteed minced Sri Lankan crab with truffle & barley ($38 per serving a la carte), supposedly to help nourish the skin, and the gratifying Honey glazed crocodile belly ($48 per serving a la carte)—the crocodiles personally handpicked from the local farm by the chef—that helps clear the lungs.

Chef Yip Cheung Shui’s Hong Kong Masterpieces menu runs from 25 March – 14 April 2013, and Singapore-inspired Healthy Creations from 15 April – 5 May 2013, and are available for both lunch and dinner.

Note: This was an invited tasting.


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