Help Topic: Photos

• How many photos can I upload onto my profile?
o Ordinary members can upload a maximum six photos each to My Photos and My Closet. RED subscribers can upload up to twenty pictures each to My Photos and My Closet.

• What is a Closet?
o Closet is an album that allows you to control access to the photos uploaded there. Likewise, you may only view other users' Closet if they have expressly granted you access.

• Why are my photos set to pending?
o Your profile may be under moderation. There are generally two reasons for this. You may appear to be below 18 years old or you may have persistently uploaded adult photos without setting them to "restricted". Please contact us for further clarification.

• Help! Someone is using my photo in his profile! What should I do?
o Please contact us and provide the username of the profile, your own username if you have a Trevvy account and two clear and unpublished photos of yourself.