Help Topic: Messages

• I used to have a lot more messages in my inbox. What happened?
o Your messages are now organised into conversations. Within each conversation, you will see all messages that had been exchanged between you and another user on the same subject.

• I spoke a lot to a specific user, but why aren't those messages grouped into one conversation?
o Your messages are only grouped as a conversation if they were direct replies to a previously sent message. Therefore, if they were sent as a new message, they won't be in the same conversation.

• How do I send a message to another user?
o To send a message to a user, just click on the message button on his profile page. If you don't remember the specific username do a username search. Be sure to add him as a friend or to your favourites if you message him a lot!

• Why do I get an error message when I message someone?
o There might be a few reasons for the error. The most likely reason is that either yours or the other party's mailbox is full. It also could be that the person's account is temporarily unavailable as he is validating it or is banned. Also, if you have violated our terms of service, such as spamming, you may be banned from using the messaging function.

• I am unable to send messages to a user whose message box is full. Can you assist me?
o Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the user to clear his message box since we are not able to delete his messages.

• Why can't I carry on the conversation I have with a user?
o Each conversation has a maximum capacity of 50 messages. Once the maximum capacity is reached, we recommend that you start a new conversation by sending him a new message rather than replying to that conversation.