Help Topic: My Account

• I did not receive any validation email after registration.
o First of all, please allow up to 2 hour as some emails may get delayed. If the validation email is not in your inbox after 2 hours of registration, chances are it might be in your spam or junk folder. Please make sure you click on "Not Junk" or "Not SPAM" when you retrieve it. Still not there? Click here to re-send the validation email.

• I forgot my login details and don't remember which email I've registered my account (or I no longer have access to that email). What should I do?
o If you remember your username, you can retrieve your login details by clicking here. The login details will be sent to your registered email account so please check your commonly used email accounts (remember to also check the spam folder if it's not in the inbox). If you no longer have access to that email account, we recommend that you register a new account.

• How do I change my username?
o We will assist members in changing their usernames if it's too long, contain special characters, or age/words that's not appropriate. Please click on contact us and tell us your existing username and your preferred username

• How do I delete my account?
o Please contact us.