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The Thai Sticky Rice ...for the aficionados of Thailand

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Posted 01 June 2004 - 11:18 PM

Going to pin this up for a while. You know how quickly outdated these info become, so it's always better to go back to the main Thai thread.
All new blog. All new me.

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Posted 01 June 2004 - 11:49 AM

finally somebody picked up my suggestion to dedicate a thread for Thailand cruisers (by the way, where's this member har?)

Thanks flowers.gif

I am sure many would benefit from it, especially the newbies.

but I got another suggestion to sgboy & team of moderators:
can this thread be like "Shocked" in "Family, Friends & Coming Out" sub-zone, permanently pinned on the top of the page?

讲你不听, 听你不明;




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Posted 01 June 2004 - 07:13 AM

No time to write? Perhaps you can share with us some your pics.

By Jetguyz (24 Apr 04)

(Jetguyz - Have enjoyed your earlier trip reports. Do hope you can find the time to share with us your trips in Thailand again)

Tachyonguy. Phantom and Bodyholic have written lots about their experiences when we were in BKK during the Songkran week.

So I wouldn`t bored you with mine lah.

Though if a pic is worth a thousand words...then here`s my 39,000 contribution worth.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:58 AM

By phantom (22 Apr 04)

17 Apr 04

I was suppose to meet Jet at about 9am to have breakfast with him after he returned from 4-Face Buddha temple but again, I couldn't got up .... By the time I work up ... Jet and Tackky had left for the airport ... Tackky's boy was nice enough to see him off at the domestic airport, so sweet but my companion said he is ok to stay with me till the next day ...

In the afternoon, he brought me to where he lived in Bkk after having lunch at Noodhi ... I dunno the name of the place but the flat was located in an ulu-ulu lane ... so narrow that the taxi driver must have undergone advanced driving course to pass through that narrow strip ..

It was a "studio" apartment, non-airconditioned at level 3. Upon entering the room, 2 other boys were sleeping on the double bed ... The "studio" room was equipped with basic facilities i.e. a double bed (not sure whether the sheets, pillows, were also provided), a wardrobe, a fridge and a small toilet with sink, toilet bowl and shower tap, that is it. The room reminded me of the room at Suriwongse Hotel but slighly bigger version. I actually took a few pics of the room but is unable to post it here as I dun noe how to do it ... pai-sei ... The room was pretty stuffy, dirty (because the boys were too lazy to do area cleaning?). It has a 21" SONY flat screen TV (looks pretty new) and game box! Not bad! We left for MBK thereafter where I did some shopping before we returned to the hotel.

Back in the hotel, I told him to take a rest while I would like to go shopping along Silom Rd. That was about 5.30pm. Instead, I went to Arena! In Arena, there were quite a handful of masseurs; about 20 - 30 of them. I chose the masseur who kept smiling at me, revealing his cute dimples. The massage was excellent. Strong enough to soothe my aching body and erotic enough to get me aroused ... He is caring, patience, din appear to rush through the 1-hour session, and was very tender loving ... We chatted for quite sometime in half-English, Half-Thai .. In fact, I was worried he will be scolded for being overtime .. During shower, he asked whether I would like to meet him at my hotel's room. He said he can meet me 1 hour later ... he will tell the boss he needed to leave and would only need to pay 100 baht fine to the boss for leaving the place early .. unless, if he left the place now with me, I will have to pay the boss 600 baht "off fees" ... I told him I had another companion (din mentioned it's Thai) in my room and he said "Up to Me, no problem" .. I finally agreed and left Arena. I winked at him before entering the transparent lift ... On my way back to the hotel, I kept thinking about the masseur at Arena ... In addition, I was also thinking how am I gonna tell my companion about it ... To be frank, I am extremely uncomfortable to have 2 at one go! Think it's not moral ...

I went back to the hotel, my the other companion was watching TV .. after about 10 mins, I told him I will go out to buy dinner and brought back to the room .. I left and waited for the Arena masseur outside the hotel's entrance at about 8.30pm ... 15, 30, 45 mins have passed and yet I did not see the masseur ... I called Arena worried that he might have forgotten the address. The mamasan told me that the masseur left 20 mins ago ... and he does not have a handphone, hence, he is uncontacable
Feeling half-heartedly, I went to Yaowarat to "ta-pao" seafood back to the hotel ... I returned to the room at about 10.30pm ... While I was having dinner with my companion, I could tell that he is very x2 hungry .. I felt bad for having kept him starving ... but deep in my heart, I already made plans to change my flight (I suppose to return to sg the next day at 2.40pm) ... I called Arena again, the same mamasan picked up the phone and cited the masseur was still uncontacble. He also told me that the masseur will returned to Arena the following day at about 3pm and asked me I must come find him myself ..... I ... sigh .....
The seafood dinner was nice but ...... I had no appetite for it ...

After dinner, I rested on the bed with my companion in my arms but yet I was thinking of someone else's ... and had made up my mind to extend my stay in Bkk for another day ... Suddenly, the phone rang .. I picked up the phone and realised that it was the mamasan from Arena ... he told me he found the masseur and will send him to my hotel if I would like to ... I was overjoyed! I was so so so happy when I saw the masseur at the door! I asked him why he did not come as promised, he told me he lost his way and couldn't recall which hotel I stayed .... He also met my companion ... he later expressed to me that he was uncomfortable to stay with another Thai ..... He told me he would like to make his way to Family Mart to get some beer .... I got the hint, in his absence, incidentally, my companion told me he would like to go back as he was also not comfortable to stay with another Thai ... BINGO! Though a little cruel but the choice was obvious .... I gave my companion a handsome fees, he asked me to enjoy myself and left with great smiles .... I felt relieved!

The masseur returned in exactly an hour and I could see the sheer expression on his face when he realised that my companion had left ... I had the most wonder night during my stay in Bkk

Oops! Moderator ... my thousand apologies! I got so carried away writing this story which I come to realise that it may be out of topic. Please pardon me as I felt a little wasteful to delete the post after spending so much time on it ... please allow the post to remain for 3 days fo readers and then delete it if you think it's not relevant ... ok? Thank you you ...

To Be Continued ........ The last Episode ...

18 Apr 04 - The Last Episode

I was awake pretty early the next morning .... I looked at him and felt so warmth of me to be in his arms and vice-versa ... I shall censored the version on what we did thereafter ... He got up and requested to leave as he needed to go home to take a nap and returned to Arena in the afternoon for work. He lives in Nakhorn Phaton, which is about an hour journey from Bkk central. Well, "Tian Xia Wu Bu San Zi Yan Xi", I bidded farewell to him and returned to bed .... I forced myself to sleep so as not to think about him .... It seemed that the clock was ticking extremely slow ... Finally, it was time to go to the airport ...

I took a taxi outside the hotel ... The taxi driver was very honest. He asked whether I would like to travel by highway and stated the toll fares that I needed to pay .. I passed him a 100 baht .. He kept turning back to look for an opportunity to return me the change .. I wasn't bother about it as I was thinking of something else .. When he finally caught glimpse of me and passed me the change .. I told him "Mai Pen Rai" .. In addition, I paid him 300 baht for the journey. He was just too honest than any other taxi driver which I took from the hotel to the airport in my previous trips .....

I came to know that the flight was delayed by an hour when I checked in. I arrived in Singapore an hour later at about 1900 hrs. When I reached home, I realised that I picked up the wrong bag and I have to return to the airport to pick up my bag which had been left behind by someone else's ..

Well, in conclusion, the Land of Smiles has never fail to satisfy me for a great holiday destination ... It has all the things and services you need .. The fucking shows have returned in almost all the bars. In fact, Tackky cited that it will be pretty strange if you would end up in a bar that has NO XXX show! The new Fresh Bar is worth going just to ogle at the cute waiters .... and we all look forward to the new Dreamboy at Soi Twilight ... Songklan was a great experience ... but I regret for not being able to be wild and blend in with the locals ... Jet, Tackky and myself vowed that in our next trip for Songklan, perhaps we could rent a truck, fill it with huge containers of water, travelled around Bkk Central, and start splashing at passers-by just like what they did ... But we all agree that we must have the required numbers before we can do that! Anybody wants to make a date with us one year from now?


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:47 AM

By phantom (16 Apr 04)
Hi people,

I just returned from BKK today .... The flight (FINAIR) was delayed by an hour ..... I arrived sg at about 1900 hrs as opposed to 1800 hrs. When I reached home, I realised that I mistook someone else's luggage ... hence, I got to go back to the airport again to get it fixed up ...

Everytime I returned from BKK, there is always this post-BKK blues ... so much so that I dun feel like returning to sg and dun wan to go back office .. I wonder do all of you feel the same way ... Well, I never notice Body ever had any post-Bkk blues? He's always very happy returning home just as he departed for Bkk ... I couldn't tell the difference .... or maybe I dun noe him enough ...

14 Apr 04

I arrived BKK at about 2300 hrs. For the first time, I had to queue for taxis and waited for about 15 - 20 mins ... Are there really so many tourists? The taxi driver asked me to choose:

Option 1. Follow metered fare plus 50 baht surcharge plus highway charges.

Option 2. Pay him 370 baht flat rate.

I am too tired to argue with him and also, out of good mood, I chose option 2 though, instinctly, I know option 1 is certainly a cheaper option. I paid him 400 baht eventually ... again, out of good mood and his friendly & entertaining conversation. Along the way to Swiss Lodge, I could see pockets of police officers stopped motorists for checking ... When I reached Silom, the Songklan mood stood up ... people screaming everywhere, people splashing water at each other, from the trucks, shops, bars, along the streets, etc, etc ...

I checked into Swiss Lodge and headed to Soi Twilight to meet up with Tackky and gang. Imagine the various obstacles I would encounter along the way ... Just as I was walking along the pavement towards Tanya Plaza ... I got splashed! Perhaps they find thrill when identified new victim : a dry person ... I suppose it's not difficult to idenitfy new victim as almost everyone was wet except ..... That was my first Songklan experience in Thailand ....

While I was walking along Soi Twilight towards Future Boys, someone was splashing water at me again ... I was like "wah lau", then I realised it was Jet and gang ... But for Songklan ...

We went to Future Boys which I shall not elaborate as it had been narrated by Tackky ... Thereafter, we went to Yaowarat for my ever-favoured Clay Pot Shark Fins ... It was already 2.00 am and the shops were about to close ... Fortunately, I get to savour my favourites ... Slurps! Slurps! Slurps!

On our way back to the hotel, Tackky and myself strolled along the infamous street (near Robinson)where the freelancers were known to be loitering... Surprisingly, there were not many freelancers as compared to the usual dozens ..... We headed back to hotel and call it a day ..

To be continued ....

By Phantom (20 Apr 04)

15 Apr 04

I woke out pretty late this afternoon .... Had a buffet lunch at my favourite hotel: Grand China Princess. It costs 250 baht .... 50 baht more expensive than the previously 199 baht but it's still worth it. The buffet spread is just unbelievable for this amount of baht! I had loads and loads of salmon sashimi.

After lunch, Tackky and Jet went to fix up their tickets to Chiang Mai while I continued my journey to Sukhumvit. I took a taxi to Soi 11 thinking of going to Banana Fitness Club, not realising that it opens only at 1500 hrs. It was about 1430 hrs at that time and I din want to appear to be so "desperado" ... so I proceeded to B & N ... When I reached Sukhumit Rd, I noticed that there were many many "ambush points" along Sukhumvit Rd. I managed to do a big detour to execute an "escape & evasive" mission. My mission was a success but I exceeded the time meeting Jet and gang. Took a taxi to meet them at Soi 8 to explore our condo tour. The condo prices along Soi 8 wasn't cheap!

As we were walking along Soi 8, 3 ladies saw us approaching and were preparing for splashing water. Jet's boys were the first victims, the girls were running back to replenish water and attacked Jet. I made use of these time to dash pass ... Phew! Never had I run so fast in my life before! When I turned around, poor Tackky was a little slow and thus ran into their "killing area" ... He was soaky wet!

We proceeded to B & N which Tackky had reported earlier. At night, we went Bar Hopping, Fresh Bar, Twilight Bar, ScrewBoy, Classic .... That was also my first time watching the water acrobatic show at classic. In my personal opinion, nothing spectacular, I can also excute the movements but just that no one will watch lor ... I like the jungle dancing show whereby the centre boy was aroused by few tarzan dressed boys . the centre boy ended up being sucked by one of the boy .. When we returned the next day, the same show segment ended with a fucking show .... In fact, fucking shows were back in all bars ... it will be pretty strange if you visited a bar which doesn't have fucking show!

We left the bar and proceeded to savour Body's favourite Chicken Rice outside DJ Station. The place was so damn crowded that we couldn't find a seat. It was much later that we found an empty table and sat down. We picked up 2 guns left behind by the customers and started shooting at people. There was this hunky chinese looking guy barring his body walking around and I just can't control myself and shot at him! He walked over, standing in front of us, and asking us to shoot him since he was already wet. Jet was so mesmerised by his nice body that he later went looking for him to take some pictures! Nice shots!

We took the opportunity to walk along the street next to Robinsons and Pan Pacific Hotel. There were few free lancers ... one of them was appealing to me .. quite cute .. I invited him to a store for bird's nest just about 100m down the road .. He ate it all but left all the lotus untouched .. what a waste! Brought him back to the hotel ... My advice is, do not pick up free lancers! There are plenty of boys at the bars!


Din know you also have post-Bkk blues but you look extremely normal to me .... Though I was in office this morning but only my body was there, my soul is still in Bkk .. So I "zip, zip, zip" .. and started working only in theafternoon ... Right now, I am still suffering from post Bkk blues thinking off ............ sigh ........

To be continued

16 Apr 04

Again, I woke out super-dupo late today ... went lunch with Jet and Tacky at Black Canyon Coffee at Silom Central at the front of Saledang Station. Sat at the seats facing the glass window where one can get wide view of Silom Road and and "cuties" ('cause there is none we saw) ... I always like to dine lunch at this coffee chain whenever I was alone in BKK ... I never feel boring as there are so much things to see outside .... Silom Central is also known by many others a cruising spot ... the cruising activities are concentrated at the toilets at the 2nd and third level .. We din notice any obvious cruiser along the way to the coffee chain ... oh yah .. 2 x "Queens" walk passed us with that type of typical Singaporean "bo-chap" look ...

After lunch, we were deciding whether to go to Hero or Arena .... We chose Hero as we would like to try out the infamous steam massage in Hero... I later regretted the choice which I will elaborate in my next posting ... We reached Hero and sat at the cafe as there were quite a number of "guests" at that moment ... unfortunately, there wasn't many choices at Hero ... hence, we left for Albury. Enroute to Albury, we went to Banana Fitness Club. The club has quite a number of masseurs .. mostly twinks. The charge is 500 baht for a 2-hour massage and minimum tip for the masseur is 500 baht. I think it's the lowest charges compared to other massage parlours .... Although there were few masseurs who were my type and, surprisingly, Jet and Tacky also had their preferred choice, regretfully, we headed to Albury for more choices .... As mentioned by Tackky, the place had many "high quality" masseurs for this season ... It was not too difficult for us to indulge in one .. We also met NIYOM, the masseur which serviced Tackky and myself in 2 separate sessions in 2 different trips .. Felt bad for not choosing him as he had not have any customer as yet ... Tackky was generous enough to give him a tip .... so nice of him ....

After Albury, we proceeded back to hotel to change .. Tackky spoke to the manager at the reception who intended to charge him 1,000 baht for bringing an overnight guest the other day! We request to see the cute farang manager, remarked by Tackky, who had waived this charge in his previous trip sometime in Jan 04. To our surprise, a big, fleshy farang manager appear who claimed that he was the only farang working in The Swiss Lodge for the pass 5 years and it has always been the hotel's policy to charge customer who booked a single room 1,000 baht for bringing in over-night guest. Negotiations with him to waive the charge failed and he advised that we upgrade our room to a double occupancy room and there will be NO charge as the room would mean it's for 2 pax. We later found out that additional amount to pay to upgrade from a single room to a double room was a mere 62 baht per room per day! What a XXXX! Think we are conned by the webbie offering this special single occupancy rate! We hope readers can draw some lessons from here ..

Thereafter, we went to Remakeang area, just to get out of Bangkok central for a little while. There were 3 discos at the same place, and we went to this place whereby there were some performances, can't remember the name, was it See Men? The waiter who served us was cute but I dun think he was out for graps! We left about 1 hour later ....

We returned to Classic Bar where Tackky and myself each had our companions ... After the show, we headed our way back to hotel immediately for other exciting events ... Nope, we did not forget to feed the boys before we proceed to back ....

To be continued ...........


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:44 AM

By tachyonguy (20 Apr 04)

Last day in CMY. Not enough time to sample all the cute northern guys here.

House Of Male sauna
We were shopping at the nearby Central dept store Pang Sang Kaew, so we decided to pop over to this sauna for a visit. Jetguyz also wants to have a massage, which this sauna also provides. In addition, Bodyholic has been hounding us for reviews and pics of this place.

This sauna is actually a converted 2-storey bungalow located in a quiet residential district. Most of the building is made of wood, the decor is northern Thai style. A nice fountain is located in the middle of the building.
Some basic info:
Entrance fee: B130
Operating hours: Noon to midnight every night except mondays when they close at 2230hrs

Ground Floor:
They have 2 small shower areas, a locker area, small gym, a cafe/restaurant, and a steam room. They also have a very nice pool(slightly smaller than babylon's) for swimming. But a sign in english says nude tanning and skinny dipping are not allowed.
1st Floor:
The private cubicles, maze and a small TV lounge is located here.

Personally, I like this place, its small and cozy. The crowd at 4pm is not fantastic but theres one or 2 friendly cuties. Unfortunately, you will not find me returning to this place in the hot season. For some reason, the sauna refuse to switch on the aircon perhaps to cut electric bills? There is no aircon in the entire sauna!!! They said that they have fans in the cubicles, but I doubt it will be enough for someone who perspires so much like myself.

I dont mind coming back in the winter period when the weather's cooler though.

Fan Club, Chiang Mai
This small bar is located near circle pub. KS King was kind enough to show me to this place.
Some of the staff were squatting outside the bar like ah bengs when we reach there. This bar has a small stage in the centre but no one was dancing. The farang owner explained that he is not strict in requiring the boys to dance, thus most of the time they sit on the sofas. As with the rest of the bars in chiang mai, the boys are in street clothes and dont wear any numbers.
The staff are not my type and the place really give me the sleazy feeling. The owner although friendly kinda give me the creeps.

Adam's Apple revisited
Returned to this place as I am targeting one the guys here. Manage to catch their shows. Compared to BKK, I find their shows amateurish but then again its the boys we are eyeing at, arent we?
The cute waiter I am targeting is so shy, i stared at him for so long he dont dare to look back. In the end, I have to use a more direct approach.
What can I say, northern boys are so nice and innocent. hehehehe

Chiang Mai Boys
I think I need to have a small section here to dedicate to the cute guys up north.
Generally, I find the northern boys more innocent and friendly compared to the BKK city boys. I guess its their countryside background that gave them their innocence.
I have heard that the northern people are famed for their beauty, fair and smooth complexion. I find this very true. The guys that I met have nice unblemished skin, wonderful facial features. Their innocence and beauty really make them perfect candidates for bf.
KS King is really lucky to be posted there.

Well, I am back in BKK now. Last night in Thailand. Will continure to post more in my next post.

April 20-21 BKK

Last day in BKK and thailand. Jetguyz and myself originally wanted to have a nice massage in bkk, but the fight from chiang mai to bkk was retimed. We arrived at our hotel close to 8pm. Instead I went surfing and later joined jetguyz bar-hopping again.

We went to Future Boys as jetguyz was looking for a particular boy that the captain has 'reserved' for him, unfortuantely the boy did not turn up for work that day. There are more boys now as the songkran holidays are over, lots of nice looking guys with slim, lean bods available.

We hop over to next. As we walked in, I am shocked to see that we are the only customers there. A quick glance at the boys shows none appealing, we decided to save our B200 drinks. Maybe its a slow night for

Its late, thus I decided to go back to classic boys again, as I remember theres a few to my liking there. Saw a really cute and wonderful boy (whom i later found out to be from the north... again ). Unfortunately this cute boy is only active... . So sad, anyway I tipped him B200 for his time and tell him its ok. Not to be deterred as there are many other cute guys in this bar. In the end I settled for another boy, who turns out to be alright.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:41 AM

By Tachyonguy (16 Apr 04)

April 15th BKK.

Cheap Tickets to Chiang Mai
We went to the office of the budget airline one2go owned by Orient Thai Air, which the Thai PM Thaksin has a share if I am not wrong. We are booking return tickets to Chiang Mai(CMY). Its B999 one way!! Total costs together with taxes, admin costs for a return ticket is B2500. Not a bad deal considering that Thai Air is asking for B4600+ excluding taxes!!

Chiang Mai(cute northern boys) here we come.

This small massage parlour located on the 4th floor of sukhumvit plaza in soi 10 comes highly recomended by phantom. Thus we follow him to visit this place.
Well.... perhaps its the songkran holidays, theres about 10 boys there and none really catches our eyes.
All we got from this trip is that phantom, jetguyz and myself got drenched by a group of ladies carrying buckets of water. My underwear wet somemore.

Vclub BKK
We went to Vclub (soaking wet) next. Quite a large number of staff, IMHO not as many hunky guys as Albury this time round. Nevertheless theres a few cute ones.
My massuer hails from Chiang mai!! Hmmm.... seems like my type mostly comes from the north.

Fresh Boys
This new bar is opposite Future Boys, it occupies the former premises of Fuji bar.
Mostly small twinks here, we find some of the waiters cuter than the gogo boys.
At 10pm, they have a short preview of their shows. Two thais with nice bods are doing a shower show. They started with just swimming trunks then stripping nude to doing BJs on each other. I must say they have nice cocks and they are huge too!!
Whats different about this show at fresh boys is that the performers are very expressive when they blow each other. While other performers have wooden faces when blown, these two look like they are enjoying themselves!! Really sexy, better than some porno I saw.

Twilight bar
I think we went at the wrong time. The cabaret show is just starting. A couple of drag queens with hairstyles from my mother's time (and I am old) were performing on stage. Bored to death lah, I can see many of the audiences are also restless. Left in 10min.

Screw Boys
This little bar is in Patpong 2. The only gay gogo bars among the other str8 ones. This bar is known for the gog boys whoo sometimes masturbates on stage.
We saw one boy playing with his woody on the sofa. About 10-20 boys here.

Water Splashing
Being the last day of the official songkran holidays. The streets of silom and surawong are packed bumper to bumper with thais in pickup trucks armed of tanks of water!!! The pickup trucks are endless!!! Everyone got soaked!!!
I have never seen so much fun!! Every thai, old and young were enjoying themselves despite being soaked to the skin!!!
Those who skipped songkran fearing getting wet really dont know what they miss out. There is a festive atmoshere here you dont see in Singapore.

Phantom took a freelancer from the robinson area back last night. Will report more in my next post. Phantom is still in his room when I left my hotel this morning.

By Tachyonguy (19 Apr 04)

Hi guys

Sorry for the late postings, not much time to post for the past few days. Hope to do a summary here before I might forget the details(old liao mah).

Saw your spiky hair waiter on my last night in BKK. He was selling dim sum outside the restaurant. That was 2am in the morning, Phantom saw him too.

Chiang Mai
MY first visit to chiang mai. This place is HOT!!!! (I mean the weather), I walk out only perspire liao. We took a private limo to our hotel. The trip cost us just B150. Not expensive.
We managed to get our rooms at the Imperial Mae Ping. An impressive hotel indeed, at least 4 stars. The lobby is nice, rooms are comfortable and the breakfast spread is very good. Even KS King praised it.
Oh yeah, the doorman at the hotel is very cute, fair chinese lookinng type, very innocent look. This morning, a waiter serving breakfast is nice too , though might be a bit too dark.
Jetguyz is impressed by one of the housekeeping boys, said he looked like no. 9 from phuket( Phantom please take note! )

Both jetguyz and myself have the good fortune of meeting KS King, who is really the CMY ground head snake. Really know the place well. Thanks to him, we have our dinner at a very nice restaurant, very nice decor and food too.

My Way (Chiang Mai)
KS King brought us the this host bar. There are about 10-15 staff working here. The bar is quite dimly lit with cheap sofas facing a small stage in the corner. When there is no shows, a tv on the stage will show a slide show of the staff working there. I must say this is a innovative idea, the photographer who took the pics done a good job, he managed to capture the good sides of all the boys.
The boys here are FANTASTIC!!! Some of them look like they came out of thai porno mags. Wonderfull features, smooth, fair and unblemished skin. Most of them have bodies to die for!! Oh yeah, did I also mentioned that they are also hung? Some of them really look good in street clothes, a refreshing change from seeing boys in diapers.
Only complaint I have is that the boys here dont smile or make eye contact with the customers.
The shows that My Way presented is also unique. The first item is all the host bars will parade themselves one by one on stage, (like fashion show) with their street clothes, then another round with their tops removed and then the last round with only their undies. Other shows include the standard candle shows, some big cock shows. ( No f***ing shows though). Interspersed are cabaret shows by katoeys.

I managed to off one really yummy boy from My Way, thanks to KS King's help. He really should be CMY mama san, speak thai so well and knows the boys' names by heart and even know who is A or P.(active/passive).

Adams Apple(Chiang Mai)
This is the only gogo bar style bar in CMY. Just opposite the gay hotel lotus. It is a 3 storey structure. The ground floor is a restaurant, the 2nd floor a karaoke place and the 3rd floor is the gogo bar. We reached this place at about 12am, its quite packed. GNS(ground head snake) KS King says these are the local expat retirees.
The boys here are generally smaller in size than My Way, however there are some cuties too. Although they are in underwear when on stage, they put on street clothes when they finished their rounds. Different from BKK. They also do not wear number tags which makes it difficult for us to identify them.
Again GNS KSK seems to know a lot of them. One of the boys even come over and ask KSK to sponsor a football match he is organising!!

Oops, my time is almost up, will continue my review of wonderful CMY in my next post. Hope to post on Circle Pub and our trip to the golden triangle yesterday.

By Tachyonguy (19 Apr 04)

Chiang Mai part 2

Golden Triangle
Jetguyz with his boys and myself took a package tour to visit the golden trianlgle, the border area witjh Myanmar and Laos.

The weather is intolerably hot. The aircon in the van is bearly enough to keep us cool. The area we went to is the intersection of 2 rivers, one the Mekong and another which I cant recall. This intersection is where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meets. We took a speed boat ride on the river, going near to the Myanmar coast (we cant land) and the Laos coast (which we can land). Interestingly, we dont have to show our passport when we land on Laos.

Next stop is the border town of Mae Sai, the northern most part of thailand. A bridge connects Thailand to Myanmar. We could cross over to Myanmar, but didnt as the wheather is really too hot!! Instead, we went to a nearby hotel to have a sundae instead. The waiter that serves us is really cute!!! We found out that he is Myanmar, but he does speak thai and understand simple english. Small size, fair skin, cute smile and really huggable.

Circle Pub host bar, chiang mai
Circle pub is similar in layout to My Way host bar. No gogo bar boys in underwear here. Instead they have 2 shows at 10pm and 1130pm. Mostly dance routines and erotic dances where they show their cocks. Some of them have really nice bods. One of the dancers caught my eye with his nice smile and voice (he sang in thai). GNS KSKing informed me that he is AJ somemore.
Increadibly he said, he only 'sample some' of the boys in the bars. Hard to believe, considering he spent so many years in CMY. hahaha

One point I dont like about circle pub is that their host sits behind the customers, so we have to turn our head around if we want to see them.
Second, the seats arranged so that they face the small stage, but when there is no shows, the stage is empty and a tv screen show angmoh soft porn. The hosts dont move around and theres nothing to entertain the customers except the empty stage.

Tonight we hope to visit one of the saunas in CMY and maybe try the remaining smaller bars. Tomorrow its back to bkk liao.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:39 AM

Trip Reports

A lot of info and fun can be derived from the trip reports our friends have taken the time to write. Hopefully, more will share with us their anecdotes on their Thailand trips.

By Tachyonguy (13 Apr 04)
Happy songkran to everyone! Happy thai new year!

Water Splashing!!
Arrived in BKK late last night. The splashing has already begun!!! Small groups of people in patpong are spraying each other with water guns.
Today is even more havoc. The streets along silom are lined with people armed with water hoses, water guns and buckets of water ready to 'bless' passerbys. The motorcylists are especially'vulnerable', as they get a painful from everyone but they take it in stride, many of them slow down or even stopped so that others can splash them.

Pantip Plaza
The pirates are out in force this time. DVD movies, CDROM games and even porno(str8) are openly displayed on their counters. DVD movies cost from B150-B200. But these can bargained down.

The captan told us that they have only 15 guys left, most have returned home for songkran. But those remaining are gems!! ALL have great pecs, biceps and abs!! Goodness, if these are the leftovers I wonderhow the rest look like!
I really have problem choosing someone, all are equally delicious! Finally, chose a tall guy with a wonderfull body. I must say that I am really satisfied, he said that is bi but he is surprising 'bendable'. He seems to enjoy the session too.
After the massage, Jetguyz and myself took our time admiring the rest of the hunks. What can I say, I dont want to sound like I am promoting this place, but Albury at this period is IMHO the best massage place in BKK.

By Tachyonguy (13 Apr 04)

Day 2 at BKK

Went bar hopping with Jetguyz and Bodyholic. First bar is Tawan. Good news for those who like musclemen, there are f***ing shows in Tawan now!! Basically, its some of the tawan boys drilling a couple of ladyboys.
There's a couple of guys with very good bods!! Very well-proportioned as Bodyholic commented. However, there's also a couple of guys who need to tone down their tummies.

We went into Boys Bangkok and the shows is just starting. I will always remember this night, as Bodyholic was 'invited' by one of the performer wearing drag to join 'her' on stage. We managed to steal a couple of pics of Bodyholic on stage!!

Body's admirer
Body's performance last night on stage must be impressive because a farang in the audience later found us eating at silom soi 2. He chatted with body (while ignoring jetguyz and myself) and then gave him his hotel name and room number!!!!
This morning, Body 'claimed' that he visited the farang in his room!

By Tachyonguy (15 Apr 04)

BKK Apr14th Night.

Dream Boys
Went with Jetguyz to see their shows at 1030pm. The place is packed with mostly locals. Like Tawan, they also have f***ing shows, 'shower foam' shows etc. Seems like BKK is back to normal!!
Some of the performers here have really very nice bodies.and they are well endowed as well!! Like Tawan, its ladyboys and drag queens who got drilled in the f*** shows.
However, what kept me in dream boys are not the performers but the thai audiences. Some of them are really, really very cute!! Their attire look like they are from DJ or Freeman, but with our clubbing regular Bodyholic not around, theres no way to confirm.

Future Boys
Their late show starts at 1230am. Again theres f*** shows but this time its not ladyboys but guys who got drilled.
Not that many staff as compared to my last trip but theres a WIDE range of selections. All shapes and sizes.

Goodbye, Blue Star Sexy Circus
Blue star gogo bar is closed liao and its preseent location is being renovated. Dream Boy Barbier in surawong will be taking over Blue Star's location. The new Dream Boy will be twice as big as the current one and covers the 2nd floor above Yes Cafe.
According to the Dream Boys captain, the new dream boy will open in May '04.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 06:14 AM

Gay Bars and Pubs

This section is indeed the most tricky to produce a presentation. Mostly due to the facts that shows are really a hit-and-miss affair due to the harassment of the Toxin regime and the huge turnover of boys.

I think we can categorise the gay bar into 2 areas, mainly the 'Commercial Scene' where one can get a companion with some gratuity exchanged and the 'Cruising Scene' where mutual attraction rules the game.

Commercial Scene can also be divided into 2 groups - the ago-ago bars and the host bars. No need for details on the ago-ago bar scene but little is discussed here at the forum about the latter. For those who are not aware, there are usually no shows and the boys are all dressed up in their smart street clothes in the host bars.

The Crusing Scene is also divided into 2 groups, the pubs/discos at Silom 2 and 4 with both farang/asian tourists and more local favours at Sake near Khao San Rd and the various pubs at Ramkhamhaeng.

Sorry, this really sound awful like an academic report wacko.gif Hopefully, we'll have more contributions on this area.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 05:29 AM

Gay Massage Parlour

From our massage connoisseurs, looks like you can't miss the pampering from boys at Arena and Albury.

More listings of massage places can be found here (Courtesy of Dreaded Ned's):


By tachyonguy (14 Apr 04)

All massage parlours will charge an amount for the use of their facilities. Prices will vary according to the type of massage requested, ie oil, cream etc and the type of rooms used (ie. normal or VIP rooms). Prices is around B500 upwards.

Please note that these prices are different from the tips given to the massuer. The tips are solely for the massuer's services, fees for the facilities goes to the owners of the massage parlours.

By phantom on Albury (3 Feb 04)

Yesterday night, which was my last night in Bkk, I went to Albury after due considerations. Tackky was absolutely right on his previous account when he visited Albury early last month. There are lots and lots of cuties and hunkie guys in Albury. I have problem deciding who to choose! I wanted to try the boy which Tackky booked during his trip but he was nowhere to be found .... without any name, the mamasan "WOOD" was unable to help. I chose this chinese-looking hunk. The massage was below average, short of me saying poor. I had no mood to proceed thereafter. I went back to the table and ordered a drink. I saw Tackky's boy! He looked cute. I asked WOOD whether the boy is willing to "escort" me for the night ... the reply I gotten was "DAI" ... I paid the Albury 500 baht for off fees. The boy's name is Niyom. I brought him to Tawana Ramada for buffet dinner. He was overjoyed with the spread of food and keep eating ..... I was happy to see him enjoying his food which I guessed this could be his first time having buffet in Tawana Ramada which later I confirmed it ... We went back to my room at about 2200 hrs. He stayed with me till the next morning. He is friendly, very obliging, cute and joked a lot which made me laugh and laugh and laugh ... I am very happy him Are you, Tackky? Looks like both of us are now "Cing-Di" liao .... Akesit is now history ..... Oops! Me so bad right? I am sorry that I did not visit v-club in this trip, hence, I am unable to send your regards to "Put" ..

By tachyonguy (7 Jan 04)

Short summary of my tour of bkk. Went to HIS massage in silom plaza to take a look at their facilities. It was about 5pm and I was the only customer at that time. Quite presurising, as all the boys stood in a row to let me select. Finally I chose a cute twink for a massage. Unfortunately, it was not a wise choice as this twink will ONLY do handjobs. Anything else and he ask for 'tips'. What a let down. I should have gone to Arena instead, saw a few cute guys through their front door.

I haven't been to Albury for a long time, so my trip there yesterday was a pleasant surprise. There are LOTS of hunks and cute guys there and many of them were very eager in establishing eye contact. I even saw an ex K-why massuer who used to appear in the HEAT magazine working in Albury. The massuer I chose was very accomodating, he is willing to do everything even though he said he is str8. Spent a good time screwing him, it certainly make up for the disappointment in HIS

I am not sure if it is still happening.........


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 05:07 AM

No prize for guessing who's the authority of gay sauna here at sgboy. happy.gif

Gay Saunas

By Bodyholic (7 Mar 2004)

The reputable and classy ones are Babylon and Chakran. Usually they have patrons fm all over the world. It is also being assumed that Babylon has more Angmoh or Farang, what the Thais called them.
If u prefer to meet local Thais, then it is advisable to go to those ulu-ulu ones like Farose, The Beach or COA and etc. Their typical entrance are ~B200 to B250, though for some smaller spas/saunas and on certain days, the entrance can get as low as B100.
Walk ard naked or g-string!? ... well, i don't think there is any rule dat says u can't do that *in* a sauna. But i ve yet to come across anyone practises this, then again do not let me deter you. The best you can do is probably to seek advice of the suana manager/receptionist.

uncle BODY

By Bodyholic (14 Mar 2004)

STUD Suana

A little backgd intro abt this sauna : They started as a small pub with clubbers usually spilled over fm Freeman and DJ. I was told the place was closed for a while during the APEC meeting. Business wasn't any better when the event was over. The pub was eventually converted into a suana.

Location: Stud is a mere stone throw fm Pinnacle Hotel at Soi Ngam Dupli. In fact, if standing by the car exit of Pinnacle, STUD is directly across the road. It's probably 200-300m fm Malaysia Hotel.

What they have? - A 3-storey-building with ...
1st floor - lockers, a tiny fitness place which occupied a small corner of what used to be the pubbing area and now, their restaurant/cafeteria.
2nd floor - steam rm/sauna/jacuzzi/tv room/peep-holes/gory-holes.
3rd floor - private rooms with beds/lub/waste-basket.

- There is an open air area but can't remember was it on the 2nd or 3rd flr.
- Perhaps it was formerly a pub, one can find toilets almost at every corner in the building.

Mon-Thur (before 6pm) - 99B
The rest of the hrs/days - 149B
Price includes meal.
Close at 2am on weekends.
Each locker has a towel and a pair of slippers which i thought it was very nice on the part of the suana.

You might have read somewhere that it is a small suana. It is true because it is in Thailand. Even then, i believe the walk area in STUD is already bigger than that of our RAW @ ASH.
The poor service at the counter gave a lasting impression. No, they have no name card. Anyway, we are not having sex at the front-desk, so it shld not be a big issue.

Feel free to share your views. And yes, you need not agree with what i wrote.


By Bodyholic (12 Apr 04)

GSM sauna
Yes, I found IT! Thanks to some silence contributor who PM me and informed me the way to the sauna.
Basically, if u are able to find Grand China Princess (along Yaowarat) Hotel aka Phantom's fav. Hotel, u will be able to find this new GSM Sauna. This sauna is located behind GCP hotel at this Saupa Building ( 'Sau' read as snake in Chinese and not 'So'). Saupa means Forest (pa) Tiger (Sau) in Thai. Saupa Building is at the intersection of Thn. Chorenkrung and Ratchawong.
Take a lift to the 7th Floor and it brings u right infront of the sauna counter! So don't get caught off guide! The entrance has been increased to 70B (was 50B) recently. 1 red towel is issued at the entrance. nothing else is in the locker. the lockers look *exactly* as those in Chakran ... ie if u can recall.
GSM sauna occupied 2 floors. It is an almost all-in-one type of sauna where one can find karaoke (thai), gym (of RAW standard but 3x the size), internet (was down on the day of my visit), cafe, steam room, dry sauna, Video rm (screening HBO!?), rooftop garden and many many many many many many cabins (the word private is missing).
Most, if not all, of the cabins are big and unable to lock. So to have some private mmts, what the Thai did was to close the sliding wooden door and blocked the wooden door with wooden head rests. I thot it is a new and interesting culture! Anyway, no complaint. When in Rome, live like a Roman.
Decor-wise ... it is red, pink and neon. Very Taiwanese. Very Cina. I thot the whole setup looks rather dramatic. Thankfully the sauna is new, the condition has already shown sign of run down and seediness. Can't imagine what will the condition be by the end of the year.
OK it's 70Baht not 70bucks, so let's live with it.
Verdict : I don't think there is any harm taking a look at this sauna. After all one man's meat is any man's posion. Crowd wise ... just let me said that Farose has far more cute Thai guyz ... IMHO.

GSM Sauna (cont)
Nothing much to add on the sauna itself actually. But i thot the location is good since it is so near to Yaowarat. Once you are spent for the night, u may just take a slow 5mins walk to the vibrant nightlife of Chinatown in Bangkok. That night, i indulged in a pot of sharkfins (iam pls take note) - 300B, a bowl of cold bird's nest soup 200B, 1 serving of fried rice with crab meat - 100B -------- and the satisfaction i get .... PRICELESS!!!
Taxifare between Yaowarat and silom is ~ 60B.

For those uninitialed, i just like to highlight the 'culture' in Farose. the place basically made up of 2 terrace houses out of the entire stretch. Most of the time, at the main block u r required to move around with only ur undie. Both blocks are only interlink on the top floor. And on the 2nd block, usually all patrons are required to go clean. you just hold ur underwear and move ard naked in the 2nd block. Ok .. so long u r naked u can roam anywhere in the 2nd block, it doesn't matter if u cover ur prick with ur underwear or walk ard with a protruding 'mari-kita' rod. Thai ppl are very accommodative and they are not so free to comment or to bitch how ppl shld behave at a nudist zone. (like our sauna thread!!! Sigh.)
If u r really unsure, just 'monkey see monkey do'. Go to the locker and see if ppl remove their underwears when they change.
Lastly, this place is sleazier than RAW, GSM. If u r looking for bright, clean, World Health Orgainsation certified place, look elsewhere.
Tips : put ur condoms in the underwear.
Entrance - Usually 200B.
Taxi : ~80/90Baht (near Saphan Kwai)
Address : Search the net or PM me. I do read the SGBOYX's policy ok.

Usually i go there to gym and rest at a wooden couch by the pool. The crowd, as most of us know, are asian and very local. Saw a very interesting notice at Chakran and it reads 'No gossip, No smoking, NO STABBING IN THE BACK'. I was like
Oh i saw quite a few Singayporean here last nite. So if u r here, say something.
Taxi fm/to Silom : 60-70B.
Locker : Has 2 white towels.


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 05:00 AM


I am indebted to many of the enthusiastic and selfless contributors in this thread for their time to keep us informed and entertained on the Thailand scene. The reports provide me an almost therapeutic effect to my nostalgic longing for Thailand. Yes, I heard you yell, Get a life! Of course, I will get a life, one day, in Thailand! happy.gif

Sorry to digress, here is a sticky to honour those contributors and those newbies that have been mesmerized by the Thais.

Of course, this first attempt to produce a Thai sticky is far from perfect but hopefully, it will serve as a starting point for all to contribute and improve. Notably missing is the accommodation section, well need feedbacks on good hotels that are guest-friendly (isnt that what a hotel supposed to be?!) sad1.gif

Essential Information

By purple rain (15 Apr 04)

links to Pinkmaps for most commercial gay venues in Thailand


my own selections

dreaded neds a comprehensive website on the gay scene in Thailand which includes city directories, latest news, personals etc

a guy from HK making his career digging out tips on Thailand. Non-gay but nonetheless very handy in finding the right room, meal, massage, gift etc. More updated info can be obtained from their message board. However, those who have failed their Chinese in their school days or took Chinese B need not bother. coolblue.gif

if you need to take your Thai companion to a nice meal or simply give yourself a treat, try this restaurant guide from Bangkok Post


Impress your Thai companion on your oral skill of the other kind, take a couple of lessons to learn speaking thai


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