The following states the Terms and Conditions for usage of SGBOY Chat
1. No channel notices are allowed.

2. Please refrain from using explicit language, and crude and/or suggestive nicknames.

3. Excessive repetition is strongly discouraged.

4. Commercial advertising is not allowed on the chat channel. Should users wish to advertise, they may do so by referring to our marketing team with the contact form.

5. Sale of items should be made using the Trevvy Classifieds only. SGBOY Chat shall not to be used as a platform for the sale of items.

6. Soliciting sex from minors or selling prohibited drugs in the chat room are serious criminal offences under the law. Offenders's information may be passed on to the authorities for criminal prosecution.

7. Kindly do not advertise a URL unless it is for the express use as a link to personal pictures.

8. One is not to disclose any personal contact particulars (i.e. address, telephone, email) of oneself or any other person in the channel main.

9. Users with mIRC clients are subject to denial of access in the event of viral infection found in said clients.

10. The discussion of sensitivie topics or topics that may be deemed to be in conflict of interests (i.e. of racist and/or defamatory nature) is strictly prohibited in the channel main.

Note: Enter a nickname [no suggestive nicks please] and select a server nearest to yout physical location.
The following IRC applet enables you to log on to #SGBOY IRC Channel on galaxynet. Please grant permission when the pop up window appears..